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Vincent Valentine suite by sakimichan Vincent Valentine suite :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 5,735 152
Male!Mal x Queen!Reader Ch. 12
Uma became monstrous and everyone standing on the ship were terrified. Uma started to make harm on the people with his tentacles. Mal's eyes began to glow by the time Uma made his attack as he walked away from his friends and you. He stared at Uma as he panted.
His breathing was rapid.
You noticed this and said, "Mal?"
And then, Mal gave you one last stare before purple smoke began to engulf him completely. Just when the smoke began to disappear, you saw a purple dragon with green eyes. You watched it taking its first flight and began to confront Uma.
Uma laughed, "C'mon Mal! Let's finish this once and for all!"
You watched Uma and Mal, now as a dragon, fighting each other. Both of them sending firballs and tenctacles. Uma dodged the fireballs by ducking himself into the water. He came out after defending himself from the fireballs, but the waves shook the ship.
You stared at Mal and Uma fighting each other. You realized if they kept fighting, they might destroy the ship along with eve
:iconkunoichi101:kunoichi101 15 1
Accept it ( Tony x Reader )
Watch Me Gallery Commisions
Warning(s): I watched a lot of cosplay videos for DHMIS so, this was born. 
Title: Accept it
Pairing: Tony the Clock x Reader
Fandom: Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
Word Count: 1,051 
    "You are a clock!" You shouted, backing up in a way to put space in between you and this new mysterious person. Person? That wasn't right. People weren't blue! This thing was supposed to be a clock but here it was, a body like a human with strange features. You knew he was supposed to be a clock but you couldn't deny that he was in front of you in the form of a human. A terrifying,
:iconentirelybonkers:EntirelyBonkers 19 5
YOUR HERO [Katsuki Bakugou x Reader] - Chapter 2
The sudden appearance of Katsuki out of nowhere scared the shit out of me. I didn't notice his presence, and it made me think that he was actually waiting for us to arrive.
I turned my head to his direction and looked at him with disgust; I really didn't want to deal with shit so early. "Seriously, man, one day you'll tear your throat in half if you keep yelling non-stop." I thought aloud without noticing, and regretting it at the moment the sound of my voice reached my ears.
'Oh, shit.' I quickly put my hand over my mouth to keep me from going on with my own suicide. But of course, it was too late, and I already had Katsuki's furious red eyes on me. 'The fuck I have just done.'
Katsuki froze in place; he couldn't be more shocked, as well as Izuku's face became pale. The ash blond boy's anger was increasing by moments, and I thought he was about to explode right in front of me. I couldn't help but become a sweating mess.
:iconkanekibarbie:KanekiBarbie 16 4
Mature content
Trafalgar Law x Reader Breathe me :icondarkodama:Darkodama 30 11
YOUR HERO [Katsuki Bakugou x Reader] - Chapter 1
[Your P.O.V.]
Screams, cries, agony. That was all I heard every day.
"(F/n)! Keep running!" My father shouted after noticing how my scratched legs became more and more clumsy.
"I-I'm trying!"
I was reaching my limit.
But even if my throat hurt and I was short of breath, I didn't stop running, holding both hands of my parents.
That was a normal day here since the war began. The city was destroyed, and people weren't able to stop running away from the villains. Even if the pro heroes were already trying to help all of us, there were too many of them.
The atmosphere couldn't be any thicker.
I turned my head and looked back at the disaster we were running away from, some of my (h/c) locks blocking my view. "Why do we have to run!? You... you know how to fight! You've always been doing that before! A-And I have the quirks of mummy and daddy! I ca
:iconkanekibarbie:KanekiBarbie 15 4
Deception by Pixelationer Deception :iconpixelationer:Pixelationer 15 0
Mature content
Memory Jog (Bartolomeo x Reader) :iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 150 33
Meeting Nakama - Dad Ace x Mom Reader
"So Luffy its been a pretty long time" Ace greeted his brother.
"It has" he laughed, grinning his big goofy grin, "you still look the same Ace" Luffy laughed at the irritated face Ace gave him.
"Well I could say I have changed, I mean I am a dad now" Ace spoke in a proud tone.
"YOU AREEEEEEE!?????" Luffy yelled shocked, his jaw literally hitting the floor.
"Yeah, You can meet my wife and son if your interested, they're waiting at a safe distance from the Island on a small boat" Ace pointed out to a ship in the distance from his place on the Going Marry, the boat had a cute bear totem as its mast, the sails furrowed above it. Although he said you were his wife, Ace and yourself haven't actually been married properly, being pirates and all, you both agreed to take the title but not marry publicly, you had a small ceremony on the Moby a year after Trace was born.
When Ace set out to find Luffy, you and Trace followed safely behind him in your own ship.
(Y/n) was still a pretty strong woma
:iconwintercosplay:WinterCosplay 32 9
22- One Last Touch [AcexReader]
It was the evening, which meant that everyone was supposed to party, drink and be happy, but not tonight, the deck was unusually quiet. You looked around, brushing the railing with your hand as you wandered on the deck. You stopped at the quarter-deck to have a better view of the whole ship. The wind gently blew your locks and you glanced at your side and gave him a small smile, trying to hold back some tears. His usual warm presence was now so cold.
- What are you doing here? You asked him. You shouldn’t be here Ace.
- I knew you’d be here and you know I can’t leave you alone, he grinned, especially when you’re making that kind of face...He added in a lower voice.
You stayed silent. What kind of face were you making? You took a deep breath and tried to smile.
- Thank you but I’m fine, really.
- Really? He insisted.
- I will.
You looked around and sighed.
- It has changed a lot...The ship, I mean. It
:iconcawy-x:Cawy-x 26 9
Impulsive (Portgas .D. Ace x Reader)
Second Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, Portgas .D. Ace, was quite an unpredictable man. Some might have taken it a step further and called him crazy. Said "unpredictability" had it's pros and cons. On one hand, it was annoying every time someone made a plan only to have Commander Reckless ignore every detail, but it did come in handy when he needed to confuse an enemy or two. More often than not, he left his subordinates just as confused as the enemy they were up against.
"Hey, (Name)!"
You turned quickly at the sound of your name, barely missing an attack from the pirate you were up against. Landing a solid uppercut to his jaw, you raised an eyebrow in the direction of the voice and chuckled as it's owner threw someone overboard.
"What is it, Ace?"
Setting the hair of the captain on fire, he gave you his trademark grin and moved closer to help you with the opponents that were closing in on you.
"Marry me."
For a split second, you forgot you were in the middle of a fight,
:iconkaylasdreams:Kaylasdreams 71 2
Under Your Skin (Eustass Kid x Reader)
Eustass Kid was beyond angry.
And when Kid was angry, he was scary.
So scary that it drove people to stay as far away from him as possible, out of the line of fire. You however, as the target of his anger, had no choice but to stay directly within said line of fire. Too bad for Kid, you weren't afraid to shoot back.
At this point, nobody was even 100% sure what made him so upset- you purposely boarding an enemy ship or the fact that your ass had to be saved off that enemy ship.
The more you insisted that you were just trying to satisfy your restless spirit's need for adventure, the louder he called you a stupid bitch for intentionally putting yourself in danger, and frankly, you were both 200 percent ready to bite each other's fucking heads off.
Thus was the story behind the loudest shouting match of the century; Kid vs (Y/N) - The Yells Heard Around The New World.
"I didn't even need to be saved until you showed up and blew my cover, asshole!"
"So their crew was just gan
:iconkaylasdreams:Kaylasdreams 36 2
Vocalize - Ace x Reader
He used to think that the best sound she could make was a laugh. The specific way her upper lip curled into joyous peaks as the sweet sound lit up her face. The second breath she took to a particularly heavy fit. All hidden behind a small expanded palm attempting to cover the sound that he adored.
All a close second.
Witnessing her glistening lips on fully display as they parted to pant, he was in heaven.
Although you tried to fight it, your voice would ultimately deceive. Melodically vibing to the rhythm of his hips, he was in awe.
“[NAME], you sound so beautiful.” He hummed softly while biting his lip, basking in the warmth of the sound that only he could make her do.
Clouded over mind slowly came to his words. Falling into the midths of passion, you let your voice run free. Unsure of exactly how loud or how you sounded, you quickly covered your mouth with your hands.
“Don’t,” he quickly acted. Holding your hands above your head, they pressed into the sh
:iconcorazonstealer:CorazonStealer 38 2
Mature content
Matsuri (Ace x Reader) PRIZE :iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 60 8
TWTSA (Ace x Reader x Sabo) College!AU PART 1.2
Three Ways to Study Anatomy, Part 1: The Usual Way
Chapter Two: #DormLyf

You were woken early the next morning to the sound of unfamiliar voices arguing, and it took a moment for the fog over your brain to lift and remember where you were. In the bed beside yours, you heard Nami groan and roll over.
“What the hell?” you muttered to yourself as you slipped quietly out from under the covers and went to investigate the source of the commotion. A quick glance at your alarm clock told you it was way too early for whatever was going on out in the hallway.
You glance back at Nami as you left the room. She remained buried amongst her bedclothes, a pillow pressed firmly over her ears. All you could see of her was a mess of flaming hair amongst the white sheets. You decided to let her sleep, closing the door to the hall behind you as you left to give her some semblance of peace and quiet.
In the hall outside the room next to yours and Nami’s were two men you had
:iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 35 10
The King's Bride [Sinbad] Prologue
She stands behind King Amal as he sizes up the current king of Sindria. She hears the long-haired male chuckle suddenly, and she sees Amal stiffen. Amal is one of the more feared kings in the east, known for his ruthlessness and power. Of course, these words can be used to describe any number of kings, so Sindria’s king must not feel intimidated. Amal knows this. Even though he can be quite stupid sometimes, he is not all thick in the head.
She keeps her back straight and her eyes on the ground by her dirty feet. She listens to the two men exchange words in greeting, and then she hears the king of Sindria say, “Who is that woman behind you?”
Her gaze rises from the ground and meets his across the way. His eyes hold warmth deep inside the irises, but she only looks back with a serious, dead-like expression on her face. She’s seen this exact warmth in Amal’s eyes. It is fake warmth, used to make the other feel small.
“She is nothing but a slave,”
:iconearthpoem:earthpoem 43 5


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